Matt Moore


“Matt Moore’s musical arrangements are not only well written, but very creative and supportive.  The battery and front ensemble books are always well thought out and designed to maximize all musical moments in the winds and percussion. 

Matt is an elite musician who understands creating musical moments and allowing kids to have success through great writing. Working with Matt has always allowed my kids successful opportunities because of his quality of writing and understanding of the complete performance package. 

If you want a quality and complimentary percussion book for your marching production, give Matt an opportunity to support and enhance your complete marching production.”

Jeff Bradford - Richardson ISD Director of Fine Arts

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"Matt Moore’s ability to create a perfect musical moment for a percussionist is incredibly mature. The high-quality compositions and arrangements he releases are consistently engaging and never over-written for the sake of flaunting technique.

Matt is a modest person I have always enjoyed performing alongside because of his gifted ear for musical line and commitment to professionalism. His works for percussion and drumline capture exciting styles and utilize modern techniques on the instruments that are tailored specifically with the group in mind.

Regardless of age or ability level, percussionists will certainly enjoy themselves when performing Matt’s music."

Andrew Eldridge - University of Texas at Arlington, Senior Lecturer in Percussion

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