Matt Moore


Quad Damage is a set of three progressive solos for tenor drums. Each is written to be performed along with the same play-along track.

“Nerfed” - The easiest of the three solos. You’re a beginning quad student or someone still pretty fresh on the instrument, or maybe you’re a more experienced player that wants to brush up on fundamentals and just jam out with the track.

“Buffed” - The middle child. You’ve been playing for a while and have some rudiments and “arounds” under your hands. You’re ready for more challenge.

“Epic” - It’s pretty epic. You’ve got years of experience behind the drums and can handle just about anything thrown your way. Good luck!

Marching Tenor Drums

Quad Damage (2018)

Solo Tenor Drums w/ track | Grade 2-5+ | 2'20"