Matt Moore


It ain't rocket science... or maybe it is! You may not have guessed, but astronautical engineers love fun music just as much as the rest of us. Watch out for flying pocket protectors and airborne glasses as any scientists in the audience are likely to find themselves gettin’ down with this groovin’ piece.

Bells & Xylophone
Marimba (4-octave)
Marimba 2 (4.3-octave)
Timpani (4 drums)
Bass Guitar (optional)
Drum Set

*Marimba parts may be performed on one 4.3-octave instrument.

Percussive Notes Review

The original percussion ensemble “Rocket Science” was composed for the Griffin Middle School Percussion Ensemble in northern Texas (Dallas metroplex). This 3½-minute ensemble permits young percussionists to groove and have fun! The composition is in 4/4 throughout, and it has just enough rhythmic displacement to give the composition its own unique flair. About halfway through this piece, there is a bluesy marimba dialogue (duet) with handclap accompaniment. This portion of the piece is a highlight of this accessible composition.

Matt Moore has a creative musical imagination for young percussionists. Two-mallet technique is utilized throughout this composition. A recording is available at the publisher’s website. Congratulations on a composition that is certain to turn some heads at an ensemble contest.

—Jim Lambert
Percussive Notes
Vol. 53, No. 5, November 2015

Rocket Science (2013)

Percussion Ensemble 6+ | Grade 2 | 3'30"