Matt Moore


Percussion Ensemble 6 | Grade 3 | 3'45"

Part action-packed spy thriller, part bluesy groove, “Rogue Agent” is an approachable percussion ensemble piece for 6 or more players. Four-mallet technique is limited to easy-to-reach chords and difficulty is balanced between parts to ensure your group is sounding great as soon as possible. In the middle of the piece, extended playing techniques (using backs of mallets, timpani muffle pads, keyboard players switching to wood block and shaker) keep things fresh for the performers and audience. Keyboard parts may easily be doubled.

Player 1: Vibraphone, Shaker
Player 2: Marimba High (4.3), High Wood Block
Player 3: Marimba Low (4.3, may be shared with P2), Low Wood Block

Player 4: 4 Timpani
Player 5: Hi-Hat, Snare, Kick Bass Drum, Crash Cymbal
Player 6: 3 Toms, Ride Cymbal

Rogue Agent (2018)