Matt Moore


Uma Para Ela (2008)

Solo Marimba | Grade 3 | 3'45"

An intermediate four-mallet marimba solo, Uma Para Ela was composed for my wife prior to our wedding in 2008. A pensive, lyrical work, this tonal solo helps develop a strong sense of musical sensitivity and expression. The following techniques are used: double vertical and single independent strokes, one-handed roll, one-handed octaves and independent dynamics between the hands.


Marimba (5-octave)

Percussive Notes Review

This short, expressive marimba solo is tonal yet contemporary sounding and arch-shaped in its structure (ABCBA´). It opens with a right-hand, repeated-note ostinato on G while the left hand presents a sparse melody and one-handed roll underneath the continuing ostinato. The lower register of the marimba is emphasized with challenging dynamic contrast as well as fashionable, sophisticated harmonies (such as open fifth/major seventh chords). Tasteful mallet selection is required for a successful performance of this piece.

In both B sections of this 94-measure work, the composition simplifies itself with a lyrical, melodic upper part accompanied by an arpeggiated, harmonizing lower part. Somewhat pensive in its overall impact, yet very demanding in an effectual interpretation, this original, tonal composition provides mature musical challenges for the intermediate-level four-mallet soloist.

—Jim Lambert
Percussive Notes 
Vol. 51, No. 6, November 2013