Percussion Ensemble 5 | Grade 3+ | 5'10"

Under Attack! (2017)

Program Notes

Inspired by the Battle of Hoth in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Under Attack! is divided into three parts:

Part 1 - Rebel Base: Alarm bells warn of the Empire's presence and start a flurry of activity as the Rebels scramble to action.

Part 2 - Snowspeeders: Our adrenaline-filled heroes glide over the tranquil frozen terrain to engage their enemy.

Part 3 - Battle: Imperial walkers stomp towards the Rebel base as our heroes do all they can to stop the onslaught.


1: Opera Gong, 2 Concert Toms, Snare Drum, Zil-Bel, Crash Cymbal (shared)
2: Ocean Drum, High Brake Drum (shared), Hi-Hat, Snare Drum (shared), Bongos, Crash Cymbal (shared)
3: High Brake Drum (shared), Snare Drum (shared), Bongos
4: Concert Bass Drum, Kick/Marching Bass Drum, Low Brake Drum, High Conga, Metal Chain, Zil-Bel

Matt Moore