Matt Moore


Vector (2018)

Keyboard Percussion w/ Electronics | Grade 3 | 2'55"

Vector is written for keyboard percussion (front ensemble) and electronics. The keyboard percussion parts are easy/intermediate difficulty, with most of the challenge coming from ensemble timing / listening. It's fully playable with two mallets, though groups may choose to use four. Vector can serve as a "lot warmup" or stand on its own on a percussion ensemble concert.

Perform it with acoustic mallet instruments and a simple "play-along track" or with full manual control of all electronic sounds (including the drumming), using Apple's MainStage (.concert file included).


Standard "front ensemble keyboard percussion section":
Xylophone / Bells‚Äč

Marimba 1 (low A, may be doubled)

Marimba 2 (low A, may be doubled)

Vibraphone 1 (may be doubled)

Vibraphone 2 (may be doubled)

If electronics / drumming component performed manually:

Standard keyboard MIDI controller

Mallet MIDI controller (Pearl MalletStation, MalletKAT or similar)

Drum pad MIDI controller (Yamaha DTX-M12 or similar)